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One Stop Systems (OSS) designs, manufactures and markets specialized high-performance computing modules and systems targeting edge deployments, and incorporate state-of-the-art components to offer high-end computing capabilities. Our customer applications often require connection to a wide array of data sources and sensors, ultra-fast processing power and the ability to quickly access and store large and ever-growing data sets, for which OSS, as a specialist provider of customised servers, offers data acquisition platforms, compute accelerators, solid-state storage arrays, system I/O expansion systems, as well as Panel PCs, tablets and handheld devices, with embedded software.

High-performance computing applications are moving beyond the traditional academic and scientific realms to broad application across the spectrum of vertical markets. These applications include computationally intense areas like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, media and entertainment, test and measurement, medical imaging, genomics, cybersecurity, automotive, aerospace and defence.

OSS offers the most advanced technologies on the market with next-generation PCIe-based I/O expansion systems, compute acceleration systems, GPUs and high-performance flash storage systems. Optimisations for operating at the edge include a rugged, high-capacity chassis design with removable, lightweight access ports. These products fit perfectly into the Industrial Hardware markets for specialised high-performance computing at the edge.

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