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NAND Flash storage devices in various industrial form factors with HW and SW technologies for monitoring, analysis and security and FW availability tailored to suit the read/write method of the target application.

We offer NAND FLASH according to the type of technology to read and write to multiple memory locations in the same operation:

  • SLC (1 bit per cell, 2 voltage states)
  • MLC (2 bits per cell, 4 voltage states)
  • 3D TLC (3 bits per cell, 8voltage states)
  • iSLC, Innodisk’s own development that considerably increases the performance of the MLC.

Available from 128 MB to 8 TB in different formats. Our Flash storage solutions feature several Innodisk proprietary technologies that:

  • Extending their life cycle.
  • Ensuring the saving of data in the event of power outages.
  • Stabilizing writing and guaranteeing performance without loss of information.
  • Offering remote management.
  • Insulating the electronics and protect them from electrostatic discharges and providing anti-sulfurization resistance, in addition to being able to varnish/tropicalize the modules.
  • Implementing ECC and LDPC between flash memory and controller buffer.
  • 256-bit AES encryption available.


Innodisk Technologies

Cable-less Power

The Innodisk SATADOM SSDs will fit in neatly in any embedded system, industrial computer or server motherboard. Plug and play is enabled through our patented Pin 7/ Pin 8 Vcc technology, eliminating the need for any power cables


RECLine™ meets the strict demands of surveillance data recording. This proprietary firmware optimizes the recording capabilities of solid-state drives (SSD), ensuring smooth performance with minimal frame loss.


Innodisk has modified the traditional SSD IC board without compromising normal performance operations. iCell Technology features a unique robust design, engineering extra power buffering capacitors on the IC board, which provide an emergency charge to the system if needed for 60 ms.

iData Guard

iData Guard kicks in both just before and after an outage. By terminating data writing and using table re-mapping, iData Guard ensures efficient power cycling and data integrity.

iPower Guard™

Many remote applications are operating under uncertain power supply conditions. This can lead to system crashes during startup and shutdown and potentially damage the SSD. iPower Guard™ is a sophisticated technology that safeguards your SSD and prevents power instability from affecting your system.


Data stored on solid state drives (SSD) will slowly degenerate. This is due to the charge in each NAND flash cell slowly leaking out. The rate this happens at is called data retention. Data retention decreases in higher temperatures and with increasing P/E cycles. The issue can be mitigated by periodically refreshing the data based on temperature and the P/E cycle number.

End-to-End Data Path Protection

End-to-End Data Path Protection (ETEP) is a method that ensures data integrity on every single step from the moment the data enters the SSD from the host until it leaves. ETEP safeguards the data by utilizing error correction code (ECC) at every data transfer point.

256 bits AES

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the encryption standard used by the US government to protect sensitive data on storage devices.

Write Protect

With the write protection feature, you can easily protect the data stored on your flash device by turning on the read-only feature. This security measure will effectively prevent any tampering or other malicious use of the device.

Extended Temperature

Our extended temperature modules are designed for extreme conditions and are essential to ensure high performance in a wide variety of vertical markets.


Sulfur is pervasive in many industries. When silver alloys in the DRAM chip encounters sulfur gasses a corrosion reaction occurs. This sulfuration causes lower conductivity and can quickly lead to product failure. To avoid this, Innodisk adds a protective layer above the vulnerable parts to safeguard the silver alloys.

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating is an acrylics applied in layers over the DRAM PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This protective layer acts as a safeguard against acid, dust and other harmful materials.

Side Fill

Printed circuit boards keep getting smaller and more powerful. One drawback of this trend is that as solder joints shrinks they become more susceptible to thermal and mechanical stress. This is where Side Fill comes in as a cost effective method of strengthening your product.

Galvanic Isolation

By using first rate components and innovative circuit design we can ensure an efficient galvanic isolation.

Wear Leveling

All SSD products have a limited life cycle due to wear and tear of flash cells. This is where wear leveling comes in to ensure that P/O cycles are distributed as evenly as possible.

Garbage Collection and TRIM

There is an inherent difference when writing to and deleting files from a solid state drive compared to hard drives. SSDs write in pages, which form blocks, but can only delete entire blocks. Garbage Collection basically copies the data that is still in use to a new block and then deletes all the data from the old one. With the TRIM command, the number of operations required for collection is minimized, which means that the SSD does not wear out unnecessarily.


Our InnoRobust™ feature set has been designed specifically for the aerospace industries. It comprises several technologies primarily intended to enhance module integrity and data security. Our InnoRobust™ products incorporate thermal sensors that reduce performance when the temperature reaches the limit. SSDs offer sustained sequential read/write operations up to 200/170 MB/s and 4 KB IOPS read/write operations up to 3200/1700 MB/s. By expanding JEDEC's Gold Finger specification from 3 µ” to 30 µ”, our DRAM modules can easily withstand scratches and other environmental damage. All of our DRAM and flash products comply with the North American military standard MIL-STD-810G, and all DRAM modules meet and exceed the JEDEC standard at 10mm for a firmer connection to the motherboard.

InnoRobust™ Data Protection

InnoRobust data protection comprises several technologies aimed at quickly and effectively erasing and destroying data that is at risk of being compromised: - Secure Erase - Quick Erase - Destruction using a protocol that not only erases the stored data, it also completely eliminates the information and firmware from the SSD without the option of recovery, making the device completely unusable. - Physical destruction using a high voltage current through the module, which burns the flash cells and completely erases the data.

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